We Believe In (Open-Minded) Boys

Men > Women? All I know is that this guy > Caminiti.

By: TBAW Staff Writer

In what seemed like an attempt to achieve a modicum of the misogynistic greatness of his idol, the renowned woman hater Dick Masterson, Joshua Caminiti recently published what he very obtusely calls a “very obtusely written piece of satire” summoning men everywhere to rise up against anti-male discrimination.

Of course, Caminiti has some wit, and he understands the audience he’s pandering to. UCC boys are not, shall we say, renowned for their feminism. He seems to think that people only read Convergence for the Blazer section, so this is perhaps his attempt to turn the entire publication into a humorous outlet for satire.

So it might be excusable if it was funny. Or accurate. But it’s neither. Based on his evidence of the oppression of men, Caminiti has been sobbing over the Titanic recently, because he certainly didn’t hear the phrase “Evacuate women and children first” at a UCC fire drill. In another ironic slip up, the article presents gender balance stats on degree earnings and prison occupancy commonly identified by extreme feminists as proving the end of the patriarchy.

Reminiscent of the more serious Blue Page anti-feminism article written a few years ago by Harris Kaufman, this little diatribe is sure to be chronicled as one of the most talked about points in recent Convergence history; unfortunately, it might end up saying more about the school body, than it does an one writer or publication.

Although the Convergence does not exist in the endless void that is the internet like The Blue and White does, it does permeate beyond campus boundaries, if only as far as the boundaries of our somewhat insular community. The stereotypical portrayal of UCC students as elitist and sexist is no doubt detached from reality, but a casual glance at an article such as Caminiti’s could easily reinforce its popularity. Let’s hope it doesn’t.