The Wonderful World of Wallpapers

By William Rooney

My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go.

-Oscar Wilde

… why make that the case? Here lies the answer to your search for ultimate eye-candy, and ultimate procrastination:

            For those of you who don’t already know, is Google Images on speed. The entire purpose of the website is focused around the eye-catching, the high-definition, and the time-wasting art of the Background Connoisseur. Hours can be spent browsing millions of user-uploaded photos, all large enough for a background, all made in Photoshop, and sense of the spectacular parallel to that of an over-budgeted Hollywood action movie.

Do you really need any rationale more convincing than wasting time with a mildly worthwhile objective? If so, read on.

            Wallbase may be an image search engine, but it is a user powered image search engine. When crawling through a list of images with Google, you will find unappealing, unattractive, and unworthy images in almost endless supply. Wallbase and its loyal group of image-lovers can filter this much better than Google by determining whether it is worthy or not. Yes, as a Wallbase user, you may also contribute your own magnificent panoramic shots.

            Perhaps my favorite feature to the website is the Top List. In order of Community Approval by number of Favourites, these are the wallpapers selected to be the greatest of their kind. Wallbase’s endless scrolling (that it loads a new page at the end of the page you just finished, meshing them together very nicely) and huge quantity of images make it a page you can stay on for hours. This same philosophy goes for the “Random” pages, which, as the name suggests, orders the wallpapers randomly.

Happy Hunting.

2 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Wallpapers

  1. -Sir

    Right at the top left, you can see an upload button if you get an account. If you have an account, you can therefore upload with relative ease. You may not be able to anonymously upload images (which might have been why porn was so much more evident when you were using it so frequently two years ago), but uploading for the actual purpose of the website (the simple “landscape” shots you mentioned) is relatively easy.

    Secondly, there is mild erotic accessible, that is true. However, it is easily toggle-able, and I warned the site was very similar to google images, in that it is an image search. Yeah, if you search for Porn, the site is so clever that you will get porn.

    It doesn’t require patience or strong will-power… it is an image site, if looking at image is somehow a feat of commitment and power-of-will, you have a violent attention deficit.

    Please do not come over here and berate our high-school community when you have little to no idea what is going on.

    -Will (16 years old writing for a school paper and apparently a “Mr. Rooney” and grand deceiver of my flock)

  2. First of all the wallpapers are not uploaded by users that feature was removed 2 years ago now the website takes wallpapers off blogs and forms and complies them into a single website.

    Secondly the top list is mainly filled with mild erotica so I would suggest staying away from that in general, unless you enjoy that kind of thing (I’m looking at you William).

    As a neophyte to Wallbase it is going to be more than disappointing unless you know exactly what you are looking for. Unfortunately the Internet is filled with strange people, and the majority of searches will either end up with either pornography or some strange anime. (a major pitfall for this web site) One cannot simply look up landscape without ending up with some creepy images.

    In summary Wallbase requires more than patience and time it requires strong willpower and sheer determination not as Mr. Rooney has presented it so. Articles such as this one not only display ignorance but also playing upon the ineptitude of the “tbaw” fan base (however enormous it might be).

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