Varsity Jazz Delivers

By James Macfarlane.

Fans entering the David Chu Theatre were greeted by a solo from Oliver Clark, last Thursday, as the Varsity Jazz Band performed in its annual Jazz Night.

The first vocal performance of the night was from BSS senior Flo Labrie, who displayed an impressive range singing ‘Fever.’ She went on to sing ‘Relax Max,’ and to collaborate with IB2 Owen Woodside, singing Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat’s ‘Lucky.’

The Varsity Jazz Band showcased a variety of solo pieces throughout the night. Honourable mention goes to saxophonist Elliot McMurchy, and the Walker brothers (Charlie and Matt), for their dramatic soloing. Chris Griffiths was also showcased , singing ‘Johnny B. Goode,’ which he had performed earlier this year in a Friday assembly.

One of the more entertaining moments of the night was Alex Rand and Spencer Livingstone’s guitar battle. The two traded solos for a few minutes, as Alex’s funky bass offset Spencer’s eclectic rock guitar. In the end, no one winner was determined; the two signed off with a handshake.

Over the course of the night, IB2 Art students John Denny and Linus Kung painted the white set inside of which the band was performing. The set was initially designed for Matt Walker’s version of Crave.

“Much like we are filling the room with our colour, so too are John and Linus,” said the director of the Jazz Band, Mr. Smith.

The resulting work was a colourful motley of planets, diamonds, faces, eyes and clouds. The piece can be seen in the DCT.