Survivor Club Promo

By Jacob Moore

Survivor. For more than two decades, this revolutionary social experiment has remained one of the most popular reality programs on television. But what makes it so special?

At its core, Survivor is about life itself. It brings a group of complete strangers together and forces them to create their own society while surviving the elements, and each other. Oftentimes, the social politics of the society formed is a reflection of our greater society, and acts as the perfect microcosm for our world. The twist: you must vote people out to become the last person left and claim the $1million prize. 

Survivor is a game where strength, strategy, and social skills are all necessary; but it is how a player uses these skills effectively to their advantage that contributes to a successful winning game, just as it would contribute to success in regular life. 

Thus, it is clear as to why Survivor is so special: it is, and will always be, relevant.

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