Joker Movie Review (Spoiler Free!)

By Elliot Ingram

I went into Joker with mixed expectations. I knew of the amazing reviews and the seventeen-minute standing ovation when it premiered at the Venice Film Festival.  Nevertheless, I was cautious about watching a two-hour film about the making of a villain from Batman. I was cautious because, as some may be familiar, massive controversy surrounds the film right now. Some say that it gives an “excuse” for criminals, whether they are fictional or not. When asked the question, director Todd Philips replied with, “Maybe these conversations are good for our society and then sometimes we have to think harder about reasons behind actions.” Joker will leave you thinking after the film, “I can’t help but wonder if I should feel sympathy for him?” 

But ignoring the controversy, within twenty minutes, I was locked in and I am not, by any means, a superhero movie fan. This disturbing film addresses the origin and backstory behind the infamous villain “Joker” starring Joaquin Phoenix and features a mix of drama, romance, comedy, and action. Joker is a two-hour masterpiece, detailing the horrible life that Arthur Fleck/Joker had before he turned to the “dark side.” 

Overall, I encourage everyone to go see Joker, regardless of your view/opinion of superhero movies! Throw away your preconceived notions of joker and let this film make you laugh, cry and be moved/ Thrills, scares, and disturbing moments all in the first ten minutes and it only gets better from there. Go see Joker and you will be transcended!

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