The Race

I didn’t care for a while. I’d like to say that a carefree approach to life brought happiness and peace. Honestly, It wasn’t that bad, and it wasn’t that good. It just was. It’s like running a really long race but not knowing why you’re running in the first place. While there were moments where everything seemed fine, the longer I ran, the less I thought about ‘why’. I just kept going. But why? Why just keep going? Was it because: the man getting into the SUV had a fancy watch and a nice suit, or because the graduate who comes back to speak is awarded for academic excellence, or maybe because my parents are highly successful?

When I started running that race, was when I figured out that it’s my own. Not to be cynical, but nobody gives a shit. When I accepted that, is when I embraced my journey, my race. I started to piece together why I was running. 

What’s your identity? Separate from your parents, your teacher, your friends? When I stopped letting other people’s perception of success influence my own was when I figured out what I wanted. I was able to ask the questions of what my true goals were; my dreams. Why I was running. 

There’s a lot to learn. And more to figure out. It can be a grind.  It can be fun.  It can suck.  If you do not want to think about why you run, that’s cool. But my message is to run for you. Run your own race. With a vision comes purpose. Purpose is why you run. That to me is peace…the pursuit of that purpose. It’s being able to live with your decisions. It’s being content with your race. 

So, what do you run for?

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