A Stewards Recap

Blake Thorburn

Stewards is notorious for being nothing but an excuse to have a pre and after with the entire grade – a brief break in our crippling workload for the guys who take the term “weekend” as “do some more work and actually sleep for once.” However, last Friday marked the beginning of a new era- an era where the actual dance could actually be enjoyable.

Whether it was the photo booth, throwback music, the lack of drug and alcohol policy talk, or finally a good choice of social steward, the dance seemed to liven everyone’s spirits.

Monday brought on all the funny and crazy stories of the weekend past, “Did you hear what happened to so and so?” “You got punched?!” Stewards is a night to remember as the best of times in your high school career.

The neon theme surprised everyone; I guess that’s what astronomically low expectations do to you. Not only did the lack of ingenuity required not cause stress for coming up with a good costume, but people were able to get some variety and originality in without standing out in a bad way leading to general social cohesion. Overall, the tight and bright aspect brought out the happy and extrovert sides of everyone. 


The photo booth offered hilarious squad pics for the entire UCC Community to see…

Screen Shot 2016-11-05 at 12.18.07 PM.png

A successful Stewards not only relieves some of the stress of the IB, but also paves the way for a memorable Batt Ball. Great job Tom.