In Photos: Nathia Gali, KPK, Pakistan

Shahmurad Lodhi

While in Pakistan this summer, my family and I visited a town called Nathia Gali in the Galyat Mountain Range, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK.) During British rule, the town was home to the headquarters of the Chief Commissioner of the Peshawari division of Punjab. Nathia Gali is about two hours away from the country’s capital – Islamabad and is just about halfway between Murree and Abbottabad. An old friend of my father’s had built a house there for his family, and he kindly allowed us (my parents, my sister and I) to stay there for the weekend. The house overlooked the main Nathia Gali valley and was only minutes away from two or three breathtaking hiking trails. We spent the weekend hiking on these gorgeous dreamlike mountains – it was surreal. 

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