Three Feature: Rap Critic

Ryan O’Shea

Rap is poetry. Lyrics are quintessential. This should be obvious to those who love the art form, but more often than not those who write them neglect these truths. When I first listened to rap, I never focused on lyrics; never discovering what made a Rakim song tick. The great thing about Rap Critic is that he makes this the focal point of his show. He dissects the songs in depth, finding out “what it’s trying to do”, as Dr. Churchward would say. RC is open-minded as well. He may not be fan of certain rappers, such as Drake, but he’s always willing to give every song a chance regardless of who wrote. His channel changed the way I view rap, and was my inspiration for starting Three Tracks. You may be wondering why I picked one of his videos about Drake. Well, call it foreshadowing.