Wins All Around On Winterfest

Hannibal de Pencier

This year, warm weather and keen fans brought one of the more lively Winterfests to date. Winterfest kicked off as usual with everyone funnelled into assembly, amicably harassed by celebratory IB2’s.  Assembly energies were solid and the stewards produced a thoroughly amusing, yet equally incoherent video (what else could you expect).  The Varsity Hockey presentation was lengthy… but I’ll leave my observations at that.  Regardless, assembly came and went, with Mr. Holt on point as always.

Luckily the feverish energy didn’t go anywhere and the more devoted fans followed the procession to the basketball game, where the Blues were at full force on and off the court.  The chants were hype – Mac Connor even managed procure a microphone for added affect – and despite a slow start, UCC beat the Crescent Coyotes decisively.  Shoutout to Generals Hutcheson and Jones for constructing a great fan atmosphere.

After hydrating and finding sufficient nourishment, the Blue Army was back in full force for the puck matchup, which certainly did not disappoint.   The St Mike’s crowd was present with characteristic and admirable fandom, but was outmatched with an excellent Varsity Hockey performance and a correspondingly commanding off-ice presence.  The chant exchanges were competitive – St Mike’s chirping, among other things, our beloved mark boost, but struggling to produce much other convincing material.  Meanwhile the boys raised a din reminding our baby-blue counterparts of the score differential.  The Catholics couldn’t stay out of the sin-bin and the Blues played a great game winning 2-0. Big ups to Colby Muise with the shutout.

The Blue Army proceeded from victory in high spirits – friendly skirmishes with the SMC crowd aside – and the boys ventured to post game celebration, which is where I suppose this account should end.

Much thanks to the Blue Army generals and the BBC for facilitating a great event.

Photos Courtesy of James Warren…