Munchies – Greenhouse Juice Co.

Will Holtforster

Greenhouse Juice Co is a small store located at Yonge and Davenport that offers a variety of cold pressed juice, nut milks, and fancy water for an extraordinarily high price. After learning of this hippie-esque congregate and having nothing to do after school, I decided to give it a try. Finding a place to park was the first challenge, being on a tight residential street after a heavy snowfall gave me limited options, but maybe that isn’t a problem for the Fixie-riding hippies.


The exterior was well kept and the interior comfortably warm where I was greeted by two young blonde ladies who reminded me of the Olsens. They were very open to newcomers and allowed me to try as many juices as I wanted. I tested a few of their concoctions including Gold Rush, a mix of pineapple, cucumber, and lemon overpowered with ginger (which seemed to be a trend) and East of Eden, which was hardly better; its romaine, kale, celery, apple, and lemon made me feel like a grazing cow.


After sampling nearly half a dozen, I eventually settled on the Choco-Maca-Milk, which was less disappointing and came with the option of a plant-based protein powder (aka not milk-based, thus rendering it futile for making gains) for another small fee. Aside from the mediocre (at best) beverages the experience was enjoyable: a very simple interior with coffee table books on juice cleanses on well-lit shelves.


Then comes the shakedown, which is done swiftly and effectively with iPads and handheld Interac machines. The prices for these blends ranged from eight to fifteen dollars – making the LD look like a bargain – and I would have been far less inclined to visit had I known this before. If you are looking to join the juice cleanse cult, they offer a syllabus of juices for whatever intended “result” you wish to “achieve”. In all, this is a cool spot if organic cold-press juice is what you’re into, but not one I’d plan on revisiting.