1 Song, 100 Words: Electric Pow Wow Drum by A Tribe Called Red

Ali Haydaroglu

Bringing back a TBAW classic, ­ it’s about time I put my IB word­-cutting skills to good use.

I haven’t heard anything like this song before – it blends First Nation sounds and rhythms with an electronic pump­up beat in a modern, aboriginal war chant. It’s inspired by the Pow Wow gatherings where the ‘pow wow drums’ accompany the dancers.

The song is produced by A Tribe Called Red, a group of three Canadian DJs from Mohawk, Cayuga and Nipissing reservations around Ontario. ATCR combines hip hop, reggae, house, dance and aboriginal musics in their works, which usually contain undertones of First Nations activism.

If you like it, you should check out ‘Native Puppy Love’.