Two Sportsmen, One Scrum: A Connor Bullock Rugby Interview

The beast with, like, sixteen backs.
The beast with, like, sixteen backs.

By Connor Bullock

Michael Bregman is an athletic guy on top of being UCC’s  social steward. Rugby is one of the many occupations that make him a true renaissance man. Stay tuned for more interviews with other pillars of the UCC community.

Me: Hey Michael thanks for agreeing to do this interview with me about the upcoming Rugby Season.

Michael: Anytime Connor you’re a phenomenal writer, it’s one of the greatest earthly pleasures one can experience to be interviewed by you.

Me: Thanks, I get that fairly frequently. Anyway, how did the rugby season go last year? Did you guys meet expectations?

Michael: Last year we had a solid group of IB2’s and some skilled IB1’s that enabled us to really compete with the best teams in the league. We lost in the semi-finals last year but as a team we definitely met and exceeded our expectations. Our players improved dramatically and we strengthened as a unit on and off the field.

Me: Do you guys have any up and coming stars that are sure to contribute to a hopeful CISAA win this year?

Michael: This year we have some promising IB1’s coming up, like the Team Canada Forward Jack Caylor. He will be an extremely valuable asset to our team and since he is basically a fridge, we likely won’t lose a ruck all season. Two other great additions to this year’s squad are Drew Findlay-Black and Phillipe-Martin. Both are exceptional athletes that have picked up the game extremely fast. Everyone is looking forward to seeing what our team will be able to do with these additions.

Me: Who is your biggest rival year and do you think you guys will fare well?

Michael: Our biggest rival this year is definitely SAC. We lost to them last year, and I have a personal bout with them from this past football season. Appleby will also be another strong contender, although they lost last year in the finals to SAC. With our new coach, Mr. McCubbin, we should be in a strong position to be real contenders this season. I’m definitely looking forward to competing against both teams this year.

Me: Do you guys have any team members who have a possible career in Rugby after UCC?

Michael: So far it seems like Jack Caylor has a promising future as a forward at the Team Canada level. It looks like he will have the most promising career out of the bunch other than James Morland-Jones. James is one of the top wingers in the league, sporting an exquisite side-step that opposing teams tend to meet with fear and trembling.

Me: Are you guys already excited for Friday Night Lights this year?

Michael: Unfortunately this year we are not participating in Friday Night Lights at Crescent, seeing as we alternate with TCS every year. Hopefully UCC will have its very first FNL for Rugby but those details are still being worked out.

Me: I want to thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me and I wish you the best of luck this season.

Michael: Thanks.