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Timewasters: Wimp.com

By William Rooney

Wimp.com takes video site simplicity and makes it Stalinesque. The aesthetics of the webpage are pretty gross on a scale from sterilized to Aramark chicken-shawarma. The Brutalist-grey monstrosity of a first page gives you the impression you have stumbled onto an incredibly sketchy site, like the educational sort made by Ms. V’s Grade 5 Science Class, and may be why the page is less popular than it deserves. For there is functionality in this ugly straightforwardness, as one will find with repeated use: five new links a day appear at the top of the pile, and are grouped by date and time-stamped accordingly.

Timewasters: Post-Holiday

By William Rooney

1#: Adblock Pro

Despite the ever suspicious “Pro” at the end of this handy app’s name, Adblock is simple to use, and free. Adblock does exactly like its title reads, and is installable on many different browsers (I personally use it on Chrome). It even blocks ads on YouTube, though this feature does have drawbacks, in that occasionally the flash-plug in will fail, and one will have to refresh the page.

Timewasters – Gizmodo

By William Rooney

Gizmodo is my go-to website for gadget and technology news because it prides itself on putting things in layman’s terms, and I have never been confused or bogged-down in seas of tech-speak, as I would be on similar sites. The site itself is simple, the interface clean, and the content eye-catching. Well-edited and written with a professional air, the articles are well done, and could please even the harshest of Grammar Nationalist-Socialists.

Eat the Internet

By William Rooney

Hmm… That doesn’t really have the right ring to it. Maybe I should have called it “devour” instead. What better to complement last week’s Wallpaper site than something even more distracting? For the “flickophile” stranded from his beloved Thursday-Lunch movie or even the YouTube connoisseur, here is the supreme video site: Devour.


The Wonderful World of Wallpapers

By William Rooney

My wallpaper and I are fighting a duel to the death. One or the other of us has to go.

-Oscar Wilde

… why make that the case? Here lies the answer to your search for ultimate eye-candy, and ultimate procrastination:


            For those of you who don’t already know, Wallbase.cc is Google Images on speed. The entire purpose of the website is focused around the eye-catching, the high-definition, and the time-wasting art of the Background Connoisseur. Hours can be spent browsing millions of user-uploaded photos, all large enough for a background, all made in Photoshop, and sense of the spectacular parallel to that of an over-budgeted Hollywood action movie.