Nuit Bleue Live Blog

5:06 PM: Aaron Boehlert here. The evening begins. Coffee urns are being set up in the corner, classical music plays, and there are couches and chairs grouped around a microphone on an Oriental rug. I wonder how they got those in here…

5:16 PM: Jacob Green here, just walking into the room. Wow! I’m gorgeous.

5:23 PM: Aaron Boehlert. Jacob Green has been successfully detained and I assure you he will not be contributing any more to the live blog. Eric Tweel walks into the room. He looks suspicious. Also #simplejack.

5:25 PM: Tweel left. Phew. He was starting to make people nervous.

5:32 PM: there is a group of TBAWers directly in front of me. We as a group might not smell great.

5:40 PM: Isaac Fish just shared some of his original poetry. Well done, sir.

5:41 PM: Dave Symmonds takes the stage. ‘Ozymandias’ by Percy Shelley. One of my favourites. Then ‘Journey of the Magi’ by T.S. Elliot. That is a looooong poem.


5:57 PM: James Cheung just stopped by looking disheveled. Mr. Kawasoe is around, as are Messrs. Bauld and Dick. Jacob: heed this warning.

5:58 PM: Jeremy Foote is up to bat, reading a villanelle he wrote. Pretty good I guess… villanelles are so mainstream. Then OOOOOOLLLLDDD Walt (Whitman, that is) – ‘Beat Beat Drums.’

6:19 PM: just recited ‘My Last Duchess’ by Robert Browning. Not too long, just good.

6:35 PM: Will Rooney here, showing up just to leave again, waded through throngs of avid fans at the coffee house. I wouldn’t say it is deafening, but the admiring silence needs to be muzzled.

6:35 PM: I <3 cats -Nathaniel Sagman

6:36 PM:  Nathaniel Sagman signing on, I have no idea what this is, but it is my birthday, so if I do not get a wall post, or a follow on twitter (@NinjeaSagman) then I will break you

6:37 PM:  this is fun, a piece of advice:  never pet a burning dog

6:37 PM:  alright I’m done, have fun…Saggy out

6:37 PM: Eric Tweel here.

6:37 PM: Not sure if this is the right time. I think the clock’s broken

6:40 PM: or not

6:40 PM: Evan Coulter just recited some poetry. Good stuff.

6:46 PM: The music is good, apparently.

6:46 PM: Iceman has just stepped up to the stage to recite Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. (not the whole thing, of course)

6:48 PM: Great job. Whan that they were sake.

6:49 PM: Now “The Good Life” by John Dunn

6:50 Iceman moves on to “Beat Beat Drums,” by old man Whitman

7:03 PM: Burton steps up to the plate – ‘The Tyger’ by William Blake. Lovely and terrifying. – AB

7:12 PM: Graham Buckan just recited ‘The Cremation of Sam McGee’… brutal and delightful. Elliott just showed up in a tux, unable to tell me when the KR2 fight is… get it together, man.

7:32 PM: Dave Symmonds recites T. S. Elliot’s “Journey of the Magi”. It was outstanding!!

7:48 PM: Hey, James Macfarlane here to relieve Aaron of his duties.

7:51 PM: Just getting to know Spring Arts Night. Room looks open and conversational.

7:53 PM: Looks like things are winding down at Spring Arts Night. Signing off here. Excellent night.

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