Timewasters: The Wonders of Parody

By Eric Tweel


“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

– Oscar Wilde


Mocking the idiocies around us provides boundless entertainment and a wonderful, thought-provoking pause from the daily grind. After all, one should never take themselves too seriously. Seeing the hilarity in everyday routines is a difficult skill to master and since leisure time is limited, it’s best to let somebody else do it for you. We recommend two sites that do just this: The Onion and Uncyclopedia.

The Onion is a satirical news site that mocks the mainstream media. The articles comment on current events, both real and fictional, and plays off of traditional newspaper features like editorials and man-on-the-street interviews. The Onion is also available in print in fourteen American cities and the Toronto Star has recently struck a deal to distribute the print edition in Toronto. As well, the Onion brand has a Peabody-winning web video series, including parody talk shows and the hysterical Onion SportsDome.

Uncyclopedia is a parody of encyclopedias, but it has a more specific target: Wikipedia. This uproarious bundle of fun is designed and operates exactly like the no-nonsense Wikipedia, except its pages are all mockeries of the real thing. The self-described “content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit,” it is a massive archive of the humour in everything, from IT people to France.

The clever technique employed by both these sites is the way they mirror reality. The Onion does this especially well, and even managed to fool Fox News into believing it was a real news network. Quality satire like these two sites are a perfect way to waste some time, giving you instant comedy at your fingertips.

One thought on “Timewasters: The Wonders of Parody

  1. I love it when you guys put photos in your posts… please do it for this one too!!! I love this post!! <3<3<3<3 xoxoxoxoxoxo

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